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Our Creative and Post area is where we collect all of our shoot ideas and bring everything to life later on in post.

We are all fluent in Premier Pro, Lightroom and Photoshop, using Macs always.  



The hair and makeup section is the perfect space for other professionals to come in and work their magic.

As well as free reign of our other facilities, kitchen, WC etc.



Our large 4.5m x 4.5m Cyclorama is fit for any purpose. We have a wide variety of colourama backdrops as well as plenty of lighting options. There's a wide front entrance meaning photographing cars and larger animals/ objects is also an option. 



 A fully  soundproofed podcast room that has everything you need to create high end audio and video footage.  Its equipped with great mics such as Shure SM7B's, Rode NTG  mics aswell as wireless Rode lapel mics. 



Our product table is perfect for creating classy product shots. Its basically a mini CYC, built specifically for products. We use our Eldelkrone slider for  effortlessly smooth gliding shots. 

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