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Updated: Dec 3, 2019

For my entire professional life, I've had trouble fitting family, personal time and work into my circa 18 hours of 'awoke'ness.. let alone time for personal development.. I couldn't possibly sleep any less, so I looked at my average daily schedule:

6:30 Rise and shine

7:00 Breakfast with Poppy & Laura

7:15 Commute to London or set off to video something

9:00 Work of some description

13:00 Lunch

14:00 More work

18:00 Leave for home

19:45 Arrive home - Dinner

20:30 TV with Laura

22:30 Work from home or do a late night gym

00:00 Bed

Now let me tell you.. it's not the allocation of the jobs that needed changing.. it's how this worked around home life.. see between 22:30 and midnight I would have to be a stealthy ninja in the night, so as not to wake anyone up. So whether I was sneaking back from the gym or my desk.. I was disturbing everyone else.

ALSO my brain was frazzled from staring at a screen all day and then just before I went to bed, so although I was tired enough to sleep, sometimes I couldn't.

So here was my simple adjustment that I am pretty pleased with for the last month or so..

get up at 5am - go to bed at 10:30pm

Literally robbing Peter to pay Paul BUT bear with me and I'll tell you why it's working..

So switching my extra work period from 22:30 to 05:00 means my chill-out session (Dinner & watching TV) is the end of my day, rather than just a break in my work day.. now I know how people down the pub feel! No more brain frazzle, just solid sleep.

Now although 5am is horribly early, it's a great time to get to the gym or get some work done. Same as the night, nobody is about OR on emails, so you can beat the rush, fly around the gym or get some admin/crazy deadline videos done.

One plus though, if you workout in the morning, you put on your workout clothes, get sweaty betty, then shower and change into your CLEAN clothes for the day.. If you work out at night, you sweat, shower then get into some new clothes for the journey home OR your day old clothes from before the gym.

I will let you judge which is better.

What all those do-gooders say about getting up bright and early IS TRUE! there I was trying to be Batman working into the night.. I should have been trying to get my Superman on!

I will let you know how I get on.

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