The Poppy Production Line

During our new overhaul and expansion into 2020, not only will I be hitting you with the cold hard facts, news bombs and celebrations of the industry.. I will be explaining what we do and how it would work if you got the P team on your.. team.

This "blogging" I am going to break down what we need from YOU to make you some kickass content..

1. It all starts with giving us a yodel.. get in touch, voice out your idea, it won't cost you a thing and we'll tell you if we're not the best fit for the job. We'll even throw in a ballpark figure so you can run a mile if you want to.

Step 2. So, now we know your idea, we will know what WE would like to do ideally, but you are going to have to curtail our enthusiasm here a moment.. tell us the parameters.. let us know your audience, do YOU know your audience? Do you want us to get it done in a day, is it a live event, is it outdoors? what's our access to the content like?? How is the content going out, is it a TV commercial or is it an internal pisstake video for the xmas party!? Give us the juicy details, we want to know it all, heaven forbid you can even let us know how much money you want to spend and THEN after all that, we can pitch a custom made plan to you. Oh and by the way, it's still 100% free up to here, no strings attached.

C. You like the idea or you don't, we can work on it if it's the latter. You can 'can' it if it's turning into a double headed monster of budget consummation, we understand. We can always scale it down or go back to the drawing board. If you had a very clear idea of what you wanted in the first place, this is where the weight gets lifted.. you simply sign off on the plan, provide us with all the details we have listed as requirements and we get on with it within a specified timeframe. When there are hire fees or illustrators set to work, sometimes we require a deposit to make sure everything we need is ready for when we need it, but the rest of the work can be paid once we're done.

Stage 4: your involvement We love for clients to be involved throughout the creative process, at the shoots (often part of the shoot), in the edit, there for sign off and amendments only or just turn up at the end with a magical wand that signs cheques.. It can be as much or as little as your busy schedule allows. As long as we are prepared for it we can accommodate anything, even sort your lunch, travel or accommodation for the days you are with us, why not.. Often, and it's because you are busy, or happy to let us get on with it, you'll get an edit to review while you're kindle in hand on a train somewhere, which then gets shared with HR, Legal, Marketing, Sheryl from accounts, uncle Dean, her/him indoors and the fed-ex guy if it's a wednesday.. but you know what, that's what we're all about. The office is split about the music track, let's find a better one, can we get rid of that man walking in the background, yes. We're concerned that our logo at 10 seconds isnt 'on brand', not a problem.. is there a better take of when Sheryl says "Accounting climatisation"? No. Sheryl was awful.. Barry said it perfectly, can we use him? Nothings too much of a problem, we planned for this and Barry is happy as Larry that he made it into the video.

V. Let's get this formatted and out to your audiences through your designated channels, need us to work with your marketing team to get the most out of the video? Let's do it! Need some more versions with subtitles or a different VO for the Shanghai office because they loved it?

Let us know and while the project is fresh it wont take long. When you are happy, we send you the remainder of the invoice, which you forward on to Sheryl.. Sheryl places it on top of a pile labelled "important invoices to pay ASAP" and then..

Season01_Episode06_The_Return_of_the_Mac.mp4 Let us know how it's going, what are people saying about the video?? We're as excited as you (not as excited as Barry). When do you want to do the next video?? We love a bit of feedback and building relationships, it makes the world go round. In fact, we have an idea for you.. what do you think?? Want to know what the idea is? Pick up the phone and start dialing.. want to see if Sheryl and Barry ever make it together? Pick up the phone and start dialing.. we'd love to hear from you.

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