Repurposing an age old tradition

Have you ever joined a new company and HR hands you a box of 200 business cards with your details on.

The race is on to give them out before either your extension number, work mobile, surname or the branding changes. Once you've handed them out to all the people in your circle, you're left with a box of them on your desk for a couple of years.

We've always been conscious of not wasting paper at PP.. so whenever we get business cards made, we either make them dual purpose, or give them a bit of longevity so they will last the duration or make it so many people can use them.

That's what we have done with WS4U's new handy offering, we're calling them mini flyers and we think they are far more enticing than a business card clogged up with an individuals specific information.

QR codes are not new, but since they have been integrated into the camera on most iphones (have to navigate to the mode in android) they seem to be working pretty well and in this case, go perfectly with the square theme that is going on.

It's not re-inventing the wheel but it's making the wheel more useful.

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