Getting crafty with it

Sometimes an idea comes right out of the blue and you have to just go for it.

Maybe some of the elements don't exist so you have to create them.. that's where a couple of cans of Amazons finest spray paint come in handy.

As we pass our halfway mark with our initial marketing schedule with WeSwitch4u, things are starting to ramp up and the pressure is building under the project. A lot of the work before this point has been Marketing and Brand theory, moulding the Website, App, Communications and Animated explainer videos into one "cohesive machine" to be proud of when we finally launch.

Or values still hold strong as both PP and WS4U continue the great work together.

We will be updating the blog more as we get closer and closer to launch.

I must now wash all of this Teal off my hands, I look like I've strangled a Smurf.

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